How do I save my annotations?

Posted on 11 November 2010 13:52

This questions only applies to manual annotation with SAPIENTA or SAPIENT, as automatic annotations are saved at the time classifier results are transferred locally.

When you manually annotate a sentence by selecting an option for each of its drop-downs, these changes will last for as long as you keep the browser open and the server running.

To save your changes to a file, click on the link “Save” in the top menu bar. An alert will verify that the changes have been saved. Sometimes you may need to wait for a couple of seconds. The annotations have been translated into XML and saved in the file “mode2.xml” of the folder in the scrapbook directory, which corresponds to the current paper. The “mode2.xml” for each paper is updated every time you make a change to an annotation and click on “Save”. It is also loaded in and translated back into html every time you click on the current paper from SAPIENT Index.

You don’t have to save after each and every change and you don’t have to completely finish a paper in one go. You can work however you like as long as you remember to save your changes before quitting SAPIENT or closing the browser.

Note: To annotate a sentence, you need to choose an option from ALL three drop-downs. If you don’t specify a concept ID, the annotation will not be saved, even if you click on “Save”.

If you want to transfer over your work to another machine, copy the contents of your “scrapbook” and “corpora” folders over.

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