What is SAPIENT?

Posted on 11 November 2010 12:56

SAPIENT stands for “Semantic Annotation of Papers: Interface & ENrichment Tool”. It is an annotation interface implemented as a web application, to help users annotate scientific papers in XML, sentence by sentence, with a set of concepts called Core Scientific Concepts (CoreSCs) (See Guidelines for the Annotation of General Scientific Concepts, http://ie-repository.jisc.ac.uk/88/. Note that General Scientific Concepts have been rebranded as Core Scientific Concepts). CoreSCs constitute the set of concepts essential for describing a scientific investigation. However, SAPIENT can also be used in conjunction with other annotation schemes to annotate papers in XML sentence by sentence (See question 21). SAPIENT also incorporates Oscar3 functionality, allowing the automatic annotation of chemical named entities.

The functionality of SAPIENT is now incorporated in SAPIENTA, which also allows the recognition of core scientific concepts automatically. Using SAPIENTA one can also perform multi-label annotation at the sentence level. We recommend that you use SAPIENTA rather than SAPIENT. However, SAPIENT is still available to download from here.

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