Multi-CoreSC Annotation Guidelines

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Here you can find the annotation guidelines used by experts to annotate publications with multiple Core Scientific Concepts (CoreSC) per sentence.

Multi-CoreSC CRA corpus (MCCRA)

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As part of the SAPIENTA project 50 papers from the domain of Cancer Risk Assessment (CRA) were manually annotated by three biology experts, allowing multiple core scientific concepts per sentences. The corpus and its evaluation is described in our LREC 2016 paper: Multi-label Annotation in Scientific Articles – The Multi-label Cancer Risk Assessment Corpus You…

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ART Project

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The project that produced the SAPIENT tool for annotation of general scientific papers.

The ART Corpus

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As part of the ART project 265 chemistry papers were manually annotated using core scientific concepts. The resultant corpus contains over 1 million words or 40,000 sentences. For further information and downloading the corpus visit: Please reference the corpus as: Liakata Maria and Soldatova Larisa. 2009. The ART corpus. Technical report, Aberystwyth University. All…

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Easily browsable ART corpus

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A site for browsing papers in the ART corpus hosted at UKOLN. Contains the corpus description and the pages can also be downloaded from here.