SAPIENTA presentations at ACL 2010, BioNLP 2010 and NeSP 2010

Posted on 3 October 2010 14:28

Maria Liakata attended ACL 2010, the most significant conference in the field of Natural Language Processing, which was held in Sweden this year. There she had the opportunity to discuss her work on the SAPIENT Automation project with distinguished colleagues in the field. Joint work with our Cambridge colleague Dr Anna Korhonen was presented at BioNLP 2010. This work compares the CoreSC annotation scheme with two other schemes, one based on abstract sections (S1) and the other on Argumentative zoning (S2). Analysis of the three schemes indicated the existence of a subsumption relation between them, with S1 being the most general scheme and CoreSC (S3) being the most fine-grained scheme. in the context of automatically annotating abstracts relating to the topic of Cancer Risk Assessment (CRA), S1 performed better but this is hardly surprising as it only contains 4 categories. CoreSC with 11 categories still had a decent performance of 80% accuracy. Maria also presented an overview of the work at the NeSP 2010 workshop (also held in Sweden), where she was an invited speaker. She also discussed how CoreSCs could be used to help the detection of negative and speculative statements in text, a challenging topic in text mining.

[ bionlp-7.pdf ] [CoreSC_spec.pdf ]

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